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how to become an email marketing reseller

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We know what it takes to run a successful bulk email marketing service in India. We have been helping customers of varied size, need and purpose in successfully delivering emails since 2008. Our stability & business continuity has helped us acquire customers across India.

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Benefits of Reseller Solution

Easy to use email marketing reseller service to your clients

Upsell to existing clients

Offer email marketing service to your existing customer base without having to build or maintain any system of your own
Email Marketing for agencies and resellers


With Reseller Panel, Private Labeled Email Marketing Tool, Dedicated delivery engine with multiple IPs.
 pricing for email Resell services

Freedom to charge your own rates

As our pricing plan gives you enough profit
How To Resell - Email Marketing

Support via email & live chat

By our team of experienced email marketers

Tailor Made For Agencies

You're already helping clients with their design, search, brand or web presence. Now offer your own branded email marketing service seamlessly.

  • Web Design Firms
  • Graphic Design Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media Agencies
  • Web Hosting Firms
  • Communications Firms
  • Marketing Firms / Consultants
  • Interactive Agencies
  • Public Relations Firms

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What You Get In Reseller
  • Reseller Panel to Manage Your Clients
  • Private Labeled Email Marketing Tool
  • Hosted In Your Choose Domain Name
  • Multiple Dedicated IPs to Build Reputation
  • Automated IP Reputation Monitor
  • Proactive Blacklist Monitoring
  • Freedom to charge clients at your own rates

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